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Takaful Emarat invests in artificial intelligence

Fadi Al Hindi, Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Emarat, said that the company will focus in the coming year 2019 on developing and improving the customer experience, offering new products and innovative solutions by following investments in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and large data, Are the pillars of our continued growth strategy.

He added that during the next year, the company will expand its operations through the acquisition of Takaful Crescent. The company is in the process of completing the acquisition with the intention of completing the transfer of ownership in the near future, which will form the largest group to provide Takaful services in the UAE. The 2018 was an important year for the company, as the company launched its new brand backed by the digital transformation strategy, which has made our business smarter and more effective in our ongoing efforts to deliver seamless products and services.


Published: AlBayan UAE ,Prepared by: Rami Samih, December 23,2018

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